Speed up
your customer service
with the use of Smart Scales

Starting from $20 per scales per month.
Различные варианты интеграции с весами

Integration with any kind of store equipment

How does it work?

SD карта

You no longer need to memorize everything

The system itself recognizes the goods sold by weight and displays them on the main screen of the scales or the cash register. This helps when a new product appears in the store, and the cashier does not know its code or name.

Стрела попадает в центр мишени

Accuracy up to 100%

Our system is the most accurate in the market, it recognizes goods by weight better than most cashiers. Thanks to this, customers do not complain about the discrepancies in the checks, and the amount of cashier mistakes at the checkout is reduced.


At lightspeed

Our system only takes 0.2 seconds to determine the product sold by weight. Such speed allows to save up to 1 hour of cashier's work per day and gets rid of queues, increasing customer loyalty.

We help you work more efficiently

SmartScales helps customers to make purchases with comfort

Integration with any cash register software

We are constantly expanding the list of software manufacturers and scales our system supports. If you have your own equipment, then we will provide our API for quick integration.

Simplicity and usability

Thanks to SmartScales, weighing the required goods becomes a convenient and quick task for both the cashier and the customers.

Automatic addition of new products

As soon as you have a new product in your assortment, SmartScales will learn to recognize it automatically.

Doesn't require internet access

Does your store have no internet access? Not a problem! SmartScales can work in an offline mode.

Cashier efficiency improvement

The system recognizes goods with accuracy up to the variety, speeds up the work of the cashier and eliminates errors.

Full service package

We will install and configure all the necessary software by ourselves. Our tech support team will answer all of your questions if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the system?

It takes 0.2 seconds for the system to process one prediction, which is practically unnoticeable for a human.

We have performed a test on 150 different products from the following categories: vegetables, fruits, candies and nuts. The system showed the accuracy of Top-1 for the 92% of the goods, Top-5 — 100%.

Top-1 accuracy term refers to a situation where a real product appears first in the list of proposed items. Top-5 accuracy term signifies the preciseness of the system in a situation where a real product appears as one of the five products in the list of proposed items (not necessarily first).

The system is able to notice the smallest differences in the appearance of products, but when there are absolutely no differences (different suppliers), the system can offer a choice of 5 products. Thus, if outwardly the two varieties of tomatoes do not differ, then the system will display both of them in the list of proposed goods.

SmartScales do an excellent job while working with all kinds of bags: white, light green, blue, etc. If a person can see a product inside the bag, then the system will be able to recognize it.

Any amount. At the same time, the recognition speed still remains 0.2 seconds.

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